ASMAA'S Own Self-Defence System

Many martial artists whether instructors or not have an interest in a more "Martial Arts" based self-defence combat system that includes a more familiar 'Coloured and Black Belt' grading system and full recognition of any grades achieved.  

ASMAA GOSHIN-JUTSU has EIGHT (8) student coloured belts and FIVE (5) Black Belt Levels. This allows for a complete progression from beginner to Black Belt, and beyond.

The system is practised in a Gi (uniform) and a grade belt (coloured belts) and is more or less a combination of all forms of Impact, Controls, Throws and Takedowns.



The system is to be made available all over the UK to any interested persons, and registered Instructors will be available to teach and grade within this system. Richard Lane is one of only 5 Instructors in the UK to teach this system. 

This is especially useful for clubs and instructors who wish to train and be graded in a recognised self-defence combat art, yet still continue with their own style/s.

For example say a small kickboxing club wishes to train and grade in self-defence, but don't wish to abandon their Kickboxing, this system is ideal.

The Club can either ADD an extra session or indeed devote certain days and times to the practise of ASMAA Goshin-Jutsu.

The club itself need NOT be a member of ASMAA, but any individual who wishes to grade and/or receive certification in ASMAA Goshin Jutsu must register as a member of ASMAA.

If you wish to know more about the ASMAA Goshin-Jutsu a small booklet is available upon request.